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Lots of Realtors claim to go above and beyond for their clients. Few live the philosophy as fully as Angel Lynn. For Angel, helping her clients sell and buy real estate property in a smooth, hassle-free process is just the starting point for her service-oriented style and relationship-based approach.

Angel is a polished professional with an instinctive ability and a natural talent for understanding her clients’ needs and desires while grasping the realities of the market. She is an intuitive matchmaker, able to price a home to meet market challenges and to help buyers find the house they will be eager to call home.

Angel has also specialized in Short Sales for the past 6 years. She has helped many distressed home owners in the Sacramento area avoid foreclosure.

You can learn more about all the services offered by Angel and the Angel Lynn Realtyat

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As a way to avoid a “fiscal cliff” Congress is considering  eliminating the mortgage tax deduction.  For many Americans, this could pose a huge financial burden. The mortgage tax deduction allows homeowners to deduct the amount of interest paid on their loan from their taxable income, saving them an average of $3,900 a year.  Obviously [...]